Robosushi at Genki Sushi!

If you enjoy Japanese sushi then Genki Sushi takes things to a new level! We visited the Uobei branch in Shibuya on our first time but have since tried out a number of them around Tokyo!

Tablet based ordering is becoming more commonplace in restaurants in Japan now and Genki Sushi were certainly one of the first to use this. Billed as a robotic sushi restaurant the customer is given a seat with a small screen in front from which to order. When you arrive a host will take you to a spare seat and present you with a mini clipboard with a table number on it. Your individual screen can be set to English as well as Japanese and has a whole plethora of menus full of sushi and a number of other Japanese staples at very reasonable prices.

Some of the options are particularly exciting such as hamburger sushi!

Order up to 3 items at a time from the tablet and a few seconds later it arrives in front of you on a small train. Once you’ve taken your dishes off, press the flashing button and it goes back into the kitchen to await your next order!

When you finish eating all you have to do is press the close bill button on your screen, check over your bill and then head over to the cashier with your table number clipboard to pay.

If you’re looking for an easy way to try some very reasonably priced, freshly prepared sushi then look no further. A full list of sites can be found on their website here along with their 2 other brands of restaurant Uobei and Senryo which both operate along the same concept.