Tokyo July 2015 Day 3: Nezu Shrine, Sugamo, Korea Town, Akihabara and Shinjuku all in a day!

Another early morning start and after a quick breakfast in our room we were straight out and en route to Nezu Shrine.

This is in an area of Tokyo that holds a lot of history and has somewhat nostalgic, old Japan, feel. To get to the shrine head to Nezu Station on the Chiyoda line from Tokyo Station and it’s around a 5 minute walk from the station exit. The shrine itself resembles the infamous Fushimi Inari Taisha (伏見稲荷大社) in Kyoto although on a much smaller scale. Along the edge of the shrine there is a small stream filled with turtles and fish (heaven for Tom!).

We next hopped over to Sugamo, a neighborhood in Toshima, predominantly a shopping district selling market goods at very cheap prices for the older generation. I read somewhere that it's 'the Harajuku for elderly ladies'! It had a really easy going, laid back feel and was nice to just wander along.

Next it was a quick hop on a cute tram before moving on to Korea Town (Shinokubo Station) where we sat down to a huge bowl of spicy chicken, seafood and cheese with around 7 or 8 small side dishes. This however may have been a mistake on such a hot day as we felt pretty terrible afterwards!

Next on the day’s itinerary was a visit Akihabara where we visited M’s shop. For those of you not familiar with M’s this is a 7 story sex shop full of adult goods and a real eye opener in terms of what Japanese technology can do for the sex toy industry! Well worth a visit!

We browsed a few other shops in Akihabara and played on some arcade games in the Don Quixote (look for the ドン。キホーテ sign) store. Neither of us were really in the mood for how busy Akihabara is at the weekends and headed back to the hotel for a quick rest.

In the evening we decided that we weren’t massively hungry but that as we had enjoyed our Izakaya experience on our first night so much we would pop over to Shinjuku where we knew there were many 270 yen Izakaya’s and Tom was keen to visit. We exited Shinjuku station from the East and after taking our time to find our bearings made it to a 270 yen bar. Sadly the wait here was 1 hour but, not too disheartened, we knew exactly where to find another one as we decided that we now had navigating Shinjuku nailed!

When we arrived we realised, to our delight, that these bars offer an all you can drink option for the very reasonable price of approximately 1000 yen for 120 minutes. We ordered several rounds of food including a comedy tomato and many, many beers, cocktails and sakes and then went to Abbots Choice for music, more beers and garlic toast! We then left for home feeling very drunk and stumbled across a Burger King and partook of a famous AKA red burger which, whilst it may not look like much, was amazing and then it was off home to bed!

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