Tokyo July 2015 Day 8: A rainy day in Tokyo

Despite the main picture for this article, that was taken later in the day when it brightened up, we woke to a rainy day and decided that the first activity of the day ought to be indoors.

With that in mind we headed for Ueno which is home to several museums including the National Museum of Nature and Science which had been on our list of rainy day activities for some time.

Map of park museums:

The museum charges just over 600 yen per person for entrance and you could easily spend the whole day there as there are so many interactive displays and it is spread across many floors. It's open 9am-5pm daily except on Mondays.

Not being a lover of museums I chose to cut this visit short after seeing the star attractions - dinosaurs in my opinion! The rain had stopped but the skies looked threatening so we decided to go over to Odaiba for some retail therapy. To do this we needed to get to Shimbashi and change to the Yurikamome line.

We reached Shimbashi at around 12:30 and made the excutive decision to have lunch there instead of waiting until Odaiba and feeling brave decided to lose our token machine restaurant virginity. The venue we chose was packed and after handing over our tickets we waited in a line for around 5 minutes before being presented with our food. In such venues taking a long time over your meal is not the done thing. So we each guzzled down a delicious bowl of Katsudon and then it was off to Odaiba for some serious shopping.

Odaiba is a popular shopping area perfect for all types of shoppers due to its cluster of shopping malls. You can easily spend a whole day in these thanks to them containing chain stores, boutiques, cinemas, restaurants, food courts, amusement parks and arcades, and even museums. Must visit malls are: Aqua City, Diver City, Decks and Venus Forts all in very close proximity.

As well as the shops, Odaiba is also home to many other attractions such as museums, rides and amusement parks.

After we were all shopped out we decided to spend some time in the a couple of the numerous amusement arcades playing some highly addictive games!

We then popped back to our hotel to drop off our purchases before making our way to Roppongi for dinner. Roppongi is a district of Minato, famous for being home to the rich Roppongi Hills area and has a busy and varied nightlife scene. Many foreign embassies are located in Roppongi, and the night life is popular with locals and foreigners alike. Many tourists and expats tend to focus their Tokyo stays here due to the bars, restaurants and shops usually having English versions of their menus on top of many of them being Western venues.

We ate at Rigoletto which is an Italian restaurant housed in the Mori Tower. We'd been here before and loved it! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures but we had a fantastic meal as always!

Mori Tower:

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