101 Reasons why Japan is the best place in the world - Part 1 (1-10)

So there are many reasons why Japan is the best place in the world but these are some of our favourites, not in order I hasten to add!

1. Vending machines are everywhere, literally everywhere! Even if you can't pluck up the courage to eat in cafes, restaurants etc. it is my firm belief that you could survive Japan living solely on vending machine purchases!

2. Crisps are served with ice cream okay so not everywhere but Calbee sell this delicious delight. Personally I preferred the crisps drizzled with ice cream as opposed to the ice cream with a crisp flake!

3. Pachinko parlours loud, bright and everywhere! Similar to casinos, these outlets house multiple machines to keep avid players entertained and are regularly open 24/7.

4. Toilet guides as god forbid you have to locate the cubicle for yourself when you enter!

5. Social selfies Purikura プルクラ is a photo sticker booth or a product that has been generated by one and the name originates from the brand ‘Print Club’. These booths are found all over Japan in amusement arcades and shopping centres and are popular with teenagers, young women and couples alike.

6. Strawberry & Cream sandwiches!

7. Reasons for late trains - The trains are rarely delayed but if they are you always know why and an earthquake is one of the main reasons

8. Plastic food displays are works of art in their own right and appear in some way, shape or form at most restaurants. If you can’t speak Japanese and worst comes to the worst you can always go and point at what you’d like to order!

9. Cute food - most things are cuter in Japan but things like this panda bun are by far the cutest in our opinion!

10. The toilets So they’re usually more elaborate than those in the rest of the world and can be a bit daunting on your first trip to one! Additional features may include:
- the bidet function with two settings, the usual bidet function and one for ladies, this nozzle is usually self cleaning and the water temperature and pressure are often customisable
- heated seats
- a blow dryer
- automatic flushing
- automatic deodorizer
- automatic opening/closing
- playing sounds to hide embarrassing noises
- power saving modes

Check out Part 2 (11-20) for some of our other favourite reasons.