Tokyo July 2015 Day 4: Slightly hungover Sunday in Tokyo

Feeling somewhat hungover from our previous evening out in Shinjuku the first stop of the day was Lawson for some much needed sugar and carbs. It was another boiling hot day so we sat in the shade to refuel and had a munch before walking over to The Imperial Palace to hire bikes.

Tom opted for a fresh fruit and cream sandwich and a boss coffee:

and I had (I'm sure this has a real name) what was in essence potato croquettes in a bbq glaze with egg mayo on a bed of soba noodles in a roll! It certainly did the trick as the hangover was banished!

We’d read up on the bike hire in advance and all the advice suggested ensuring you get there early as all the bikes go at 10am so being the keen beans that we are we arrived at 8:45. The palace is huge with a moat around it and makes for a very pleasant area to walk around.

Unfortunately for us bike hire doesn’t begin until 10am so we decided to try again next Sunday and change our plan for the day so got on a train for Odaiba.

We went to Toyosu Station, for the shopping mall Lalafort where we found a big supermarket called Aoki and bought a load of interesting picnic nibbles for lunch. We walked for a few minutes down the road to a picnic area and ate in the shade before heading back to our hotel for a rest.

All rested up we then went over to Meguro Sky Park which is a cute garden built on a spiral roof above an expressway. The park occupuies a 7,000 square-meter area on the roof of Shuto Expressway Ohashi Junction. It’s a pleasant spiral walk from the bottom of the park to the top and from the highest point you can view Mt. Fuji. The style of the garden is typically Japanese and it’s full of seasonal flowers and plants for both adults and children to appreciate.

We then went across to Shibuya and spent a while deciding where to eat, eventually we settled on a restaurant called Shirokiya after playing lift roulette (a game that only seems to work in Asian countries where you randomly pick a floor in a lift and have to eat at whichever restaurant you end up at). Pleasantly Shirokiya turned out to be another Izakaya style restaurant offering all you can drink (飲み放題or nomihodai) and used a tablet ordering system.

After this we nipped over to Shinjuku and spent an hour so wandering the streets and just taking in the atmosphere!

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