Tokyo July 2015 Day 7: The Yamathon part 2!

On Tuesday evening plans were made to complete part 2 of the Yamathon and alarms were duly set with the intention of being up and out of the door by 9am. We thus picked up from where we left of previously at Mejiro.

Good progress was made to begin with despite the heat and we passed through Takadanobaba, Shin-Okubo and Shinjuku, even managing to locate a Love Hotel (Hotel Colorful P&A) which was on our to do list for this trip. This wasn't in our opinion the time for visiting love hotels and sadly we never made it back there on this trip but fully intend to do it in 2016! We saw a show on TV, possibly Tokyo Eye, where they visited several Love Hotels in Tokyo including this one, they had the Oriental World Room which is equipped with a roof top hot tub and a massive pandas, the mind boggles! Only in Japan!

We arrived at Shinjuku and took a break from the heat in the massive Tokyu Hands store opposite a hotel we had stayed in previously and relived our morning walk from the hotel to Yoyogi Station. From Yoyogi to Harajuku we walked through Yoyogi park, I’m not sure if this is the quickest route but it was certainly a good plan as it got us out of the heat and is very beautiful. At Harajuku we stopped for a quick crèpe from Miss Marion and chose the Miss Marion. I have never had a crèpe in Japan and god knows why! It was delicious, filled with ice cream, strawberries, banana, cream, caramel and lots more!

Next stop was Shibuya but this was where we began to tire and spirits were low. We therefore stopped again in Shibuya for a quick Starbucks and to locate some lunch, the crèpe had filled us up somewhat and therefore lunch was another delicious Burger King AKA burger before deciding to knock the Yamathon on the head again for some much required air con based R&R.

After a quick nap it was off to our hotel bar for some cocktails before heading over to Ikebukuro for all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. The restaurant is within minutes from the JR station and offers nomihodai (all you can drink) as well as the food option for around 4600 yen per person for 120 minutes. Plates loaded with meat, we began frying at our table, although we had a great time here we have come to the realisation that all you can eat does not mix with all you can drink and really you need to pick one or the other!

The intention behind the all you can drink was to have a serious night out and we had previously decided Akihabara held the key to this having all of our favourite venues located close to the station. What we hadn't realized is that buzzing as it is during the day Akihabara shuts down pretty rapidly during the evening and bars such as Rose and Crown and 280 Izakayas close at 11pm. Full of food we headed home for an early-ish night.

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