6 of the best places to shop in Toyko

Tokyo is a shoppers paradise and no one shops like the Japanese! Here is a brief overview of some of the best places to shop in Tokyo.

Ginza is a high end, desirable, luxury shopping destination thanks to it’s vast array of designer clothing stores, internationally renowned department stores, boutiques and eateries. All of the famous labels can be found here and it has a very much Fifth Avenue NYC feel to it. Heaven!

Brands with stores here include Chanel, Dior, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. One of the most iconic buildings is the Wako department store (pictured) but some of the other department stores here include Hankyu, Seibu and Matsuya.

Tip: at weekends from 12noon until 17:00 the side roads are closed and the area becomes pedestrianised.

Ginza street:

Harajuku and Omotesando
Harajuku is a must stop place for anyone interested in alternative fashion and is the place to be if you are in to trends such as cosplay, lolita etc. Takeshita Street is lined with well priced fashion boutiques and makes for a pleasant stroll. It’s a great place for accessories, shopping with teens and even picking up a delicious crepe! There is also a large branch of Daiso here for those essential take home purchases!

Aside from the smaller boutiques on and surrounding Takeshita Street, Harajuku is home to Cat street where you can find many "ultramodern" stores. You can also shop here in larger stores such as Wego, Forever 21 and Laforet.

Omotesando is a tree lined avenue where you can find many famous international brands including Prada, Cartier and Dior boutiques housed in stunning buildings.

Shinjuku is a bustling area perhaps thought of more for its nightlife but is none the less an excellent shopping area and home to many department stores, electrical appliance megastores and huge book stores. There is an enormous "Don Quixote" (ドン。キホーテ), many camera and electrical stores as well as the usual international brands.

Shinjuku Shopping:

Perhaps our favourite shopping area in Tokyo, Shibuya is extremely popular with young people. There are many department stores in close proximity with the most prominent when you exit the station being Shibuya 109 which houses many small boutiques staffed by 100s of beautiful women. Other large department stores include Parco, Seibu and the Tokyu department store. You can also find international chains such as Forever 21, Uniqlo, Burshka, Disney, HMV and many others.

Shibuya shopping:


Odaiba is another popular shopping area perfect for all types of shoppers with its cluster of shopping malls. You can easily spend a whole day in these thanks to them containing every chain store, boutique, cinema, restaurant and food court you can imagine. In addition to these, there are also amusement parks, arcades, and even museums. Must visit malls are: Aqua City, Diver City, Decks and Venus Forts all in very close proximity.

100 yen stores

100 yen stores (100円ショップ, Hyaku En Shoppu) are another one of our favourite shopping destinations in Tokyo and can be found all over the city. These are discount stores that sell a wide range of products for 108 yen (100 yen plus 8 percent consumption tax).

Everything in the store costs 100 yen per item with the exception of a small selection of generally larger products costing a few multiples of 100 yen which are clearly marked and usually still verygood value for the price. They often also sell smaller items such as snacks and sweets in multiples of 2 or 3 for 100 yen. You can kit out your whole home using products from these stores, from kitchen gadgets and gizmos, to clothes, toys, makeup, cutlery, dinnerware and home decor, if you want it, they have it and it's a steal at 100 yen!

One of the most common brands is Daiso and larger branches include the Takeshita Street, Diver City and Aqua City locations. Seria is another 100 yen store marketing itself as the classiest 100 yen store and large branches can be found in Shibuya and Venus Fort malls.