Kura Sushi: Tablet ordering, fun, cheap, un-conventional sushi!

Kura Sushi is a restaurant I’d read about extensively online before visiting and the menu looked so intriguing that it just had to be done! It’s a conveyer belt sushi restaurant with several locations and the venue we chose to visit is approximately a 10 minute walk from the East side of Shinagawa Station. It's not very easy to spot from street level so I strongly suggest looking at Google Street View before going there.

Upon arrival you enter some basic details into a tablet booking system in the lobby area and are given a token with a number. The staff then seat people by shouting your number in Japanese and sending you to your designated area of the conveyor belt. It was really busy when we visited on a Sunday lunch time and the wait for a table was over 35 minutes but it was definitely worth it. Once seated you can order from a tablet in front of you with several language option and your food is then delivered right to your seat via the belt. Your station is set up like this:

Conveyor belt:


Disposal of the empties:

The sushi selection is very random and some could be described as western sushi. It’s also incredibly cheap with most plates priced at just 105yen! Some of the weirder options we tried include:

Boiled egg gunkan – gross right? WRONG. This was absolutely delicious!

Iberico pork nigiri – again delish!

Liquid cheese topped salmon – yum again

Cheese topped something else that I can’t remember what it was but it was gooood

Beef nigiri

The most exciting thing for Tom was that we finally got to try fugu, which is the Japanese word for puffer fish. Fugu can be lethally poisonous if not prepared correctly and so restaurants are strictly controlled by Japanese laws only permitting qualified fugu chefs to prepare it. I must confess until I started getting into Japan my only knowledge of fugu was from The Simpsons and it ended okay for Homer despite eating a bad piece! It’s usually very expensive which is why I’d been avoiding it for fear that it would be horrible but here it was just 390yen for a plate of fugu sashimi.

Sadly the fugu wasn’t all that and was in fact just pretty chewy sashimi but at least we’ve tried it now! I finished the meal off with a really tasty cream puff:

In summary, the food is really tasty and definitely worth a visit even if you're not a sushi lover!

Location of Shinagawa branch: