Kinno-Kura: an all you can drink (nomihodai), tourist friendly, tablet ordering, cheap and cheerful izakaya chain

Nomihodai – ‘all you can drink’, is an essential Japanese word to learn if you ask me, and for some reason Kinno-Kura are crazy enough to offer this for teeny tiny prices making them an essential destination for any Tokyo trip.

Kinno-Kura is a famous cheap Japanese izakaya chain with branches all across Tokyo and so far we’ve sampled them in Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.

They’re also sometimes referred to as 270/280/290 yen izakaya as their advertising regularly refers to their low prices. They’re easy to spot and their signs look like this:

Upon arrival there is quite often a wait for a booth, which you will be advised of. Once a table is available you’ll be shown to it, and if you want to take up an ‘all you can drink’ option then you need to advise the staff of this before you’re seated. Prices are around:

90 minutes – 900 yen
120 minutes – 1200 yen
180 minutes – 1900 yen

If you don’t speak Japanese you can just say ‘nomihodai’ and point to the length of time you would like to go for as there is usually a menu close to the till.

You’ll be seated in a booth with a tablet ordering system on the table and the language can be changed to English or Chinese. This is used to place your orders including your drinks if you’ve selected nomihodai making it really accessible for tourists.

Everything you need will already be on the table:

There is often also a physical version of the menu complete with pictures:

Ordering screen:

There is a small cover charge for each table and this includes edamame bar snacks:

Usually I just stick to beer when we visit and I can’t get over how much money we save drinking here in comparison to other bars. A beer in Tokyo usually ranges from 300yen-900yen depending on where you’re drinking and so this is a very good deal. Tom likes to experiment more than I do and as the menu offers sake, plum wine, high balls and shochu he’s tried them all!

The food is very tasty here and is also good value for money. The menu is broken down into sections to help you locate items and you can order one, eat it and then order another, there is no pressure to order everything at once.

Some of the tastiest offerings, in our opinion, include the bacon caesar salad, pork rice, deep fried medley and pork with green onions.

Caesar salad:

Chicken and onion rings:

Hoppy and skewers with an egg yolk for dipping:


Some slightly disappointing skewers:

Takoyaki (I forgot to take a picture until we'd nearly finished!):

Deep fried platter, great value for money!

Decorate your own pancakes:

The only food fail we’ve had was the tomato salad, it was literally just a tomato and some salt and was 270 yen!

The staff come and request last orders 30 minutes before your time slot is over and then when you’re done you just pay on the way out. I cannot recommend this place highly enough for a cheap, fun and easy way to try new foods and drinks in Japan.