Restaurant review: Jonathan's

Jonathan's Restaurant (a member of the Skylark group) is a Japanese family restuarant chain with the tag line 'coffee and restaurant'. Their website states that they serve 'dishes using distinctively premium ingredients especially for our female customers' and that the restaurants are found mainly around the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The branch we visited was on the outskirts of Kofu, the capital city of Yamanashi Prefecture, and there did seem to be an abundence of female customers when we arrived! We'd seen the chain many times before in Tokyo but had snubbed it since it appeared to be western style from the outside. Upon entering we were pleasantly surprised that this "classic family restaurant" is very Japanese indeed with a gigantic menu including all sorts and styles of cuisines suitable for even the fussiest of eaters ranging from pasta, chicken and hamburgers to donburi, udon and much more.

There is a grand menu, lunch menu and specials menu to choose from and all have pictures - helpful if you don't speak Japanese.

The menus - like in many Japanese restaraunts, offer daily specials and we both opted for these; Tom choosing a teriyaki chicken meal and deep fried horse mackerel meal with rice:

I went for spicy pork Udon:

We added the drink and soup set to our choices for 299 yen each and were able to visit the self service drink and soup bar as many times as we wanted. There are plenty of hot and cold drink options to choose from and several flavours of soup. Both meals were very good and excellent value for money, Jonathan's is definitely worth a visit if you've never been!