Planning our Autumn Honshu road trip!

Update - 3 September 2017
Okay, so I know I've been utterly appalling at blogging this year, I'm still only part way through writing up the February 2017 trip and it's almost time for us to go away again! In my defence we have been very busy selling our house and prepping for our move but even so, I need to try harder!

It's now just 36 days until we begin our autumn epic Japanese adventure and planning is almost complete. Flights were booked a log time ago, we've hired the car, planned the route and also planned our time in Tokyo. I promise I will do my very best to get the official itinerary on here as soon as it's finished!

Original post - 6 April 2017
So after the success of our 2017 winter road trip we decided to do another one, but this time bigger and hopefully better! Last time we were in Japan for just over 8 days and on the road for 7 of them, this time we'll be there for 14 days and on the road for 9! We absolutely adored our winter road trip and would probably class it as our best ever holiday but there is always room for improvement!

If we had to criticise the last trip it would be because some days there was a bit too much straight driving and it got a bit tiring. When planning that trip we'd mapped out our general route but had hoped to find activities and stops on the way, and whilst we did manage to do this for the most part there were times when we were looping around trying to find spots for lunch or something to do to break up the journey. Therefore, this time we're going to ensure we've got lots of activities and stops built in to the journey and it shouldn't be hard! We've already come up with a loose route and we've got plenty of time to fill it with goodies along the way!

We've booked the flights and much like last time we've gone for:

Depart: London Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 2 19:00
Arrive: Haneda International Airport (HND) 15:50
Duration: 11h50

We picked this flight because it means we can both work that morning, maximising our annual leave allowance! We always fly direct (where possible) to allow us to spend as much time as possible at our time at our destination, and pick evening flights when travelling to Asia and try to get to our destination for PM the following day as we find we minimise jetlag that way. This particular flight option is with ANA and costs around the £800 mark per person for a return flight. The added bonus is that it flies into Haneda not Narita, which is much closer to central Tokyo.

We're working on drawing out the route so as soon as that's ready I'll post it on here!