Cafe Restaurant Gusto

Gusto (full name Cafe Restaurant Gusto) is one of the largest nationwide family restaurant chains in Japan and is part of the Skylark Group. They're dotted all over Tokyo and other major city centres but are also found roadside on the outskirts of many towns, usually with parking available. Just look out for the red circle logo which says “café” in English followed by: ガスト which means “Gusto” in katakana. The restaurant is a great choice for patrons of all ages and offers a variety of Japanese takes on western dishes including hambagu, pasta, chicken and much more at low prices. They also do a lot of seasonal dishes and specials and many of the restaurants are open 24/7.

Gusto outlets are super clean and spacious, ordering is simple even if you don't speak Japanese as the menus have pictures of all of the food on offer and you just need to use the 'service button' on your table to attract the attention of the staff, otherwise you're left you your own devices.

On our visit we both went for the hambagu with cheese set, this came with the option of a rice side (obviously) or bread so Tom went for rice whilst I took the bread. They also offer a 'drink set' which is an all-you-can-drink self service drink bar offering soda, coffee, teas and soup. The food arrived quickly and looked delicious:

Just check out that lovely oozy cheese!

The food tasted great and we took full advantage of the drinks and soup bar (seriously the soup is amazing!), and all for a relatively cheap and cheerful fee!

We'd recommend this restuarant to anyone looking for a spot of western food with a Japanese twist paired with great service and low prices!