Mt Zao Fox Village

We visited Mt Zao Fox Village on a snowy February day in 2017 as part of a road trip. The village is a 20-30 minute drive from the nearest train station (Shiroshi) and so car is the easiest way to get there. There is plenty of parking and at the time of our visit the attraction was incredibly quiet.

This is the non-fox related entrance:

A visit costs 1000 yen per adult and we purchased some fox food for 100 yen which turned out to be well worth it as it's the best way to get the little critters to pose for pictures. There are many rules about when and how to feed the foxes. You can’t feed the those held in the cages, and you most throw the food instead of feeding the foxes by hand. The staff explained the rules to us in Japanese, but there were also illustrations for those who don't speak English.

It was incredibly cold at the time of our visit and we spent around an hour there observing the chilly little foxes and trying our best not to fall over as it's very slippy in their enclosure!

Clearly an important fox meeting taking place here:

They're only posing here because of the snacks!

The exit is through the gift shop and there were two teeny tiny baby goats in there, so cute!

The location: