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Tokyo July 2015 Day 6: Hangovers, roller coasters, Akihabara and Character Street

Having somehow escaped from our previous evening at the 300 Yen Bar without serious hangovers we took the opportunity to have a good lie in and didn’t get up until 10am!

First stop of the day was Tokyo Dome City which is an extensive entertainment complex including the Tokyo Dome baseball stadium, an amusement park, shopping, restaurants and much more. We had a wander around the shops and observed the Thunder Dolphin rollercoaster a couple of times before deciding that one of us was too scared and the other too hungover to jump on!

The ultimate selfie experience – Japanese photo booths (purikura machines)

Purikura プルクラ is a photo sticker booth or a product that has been generated by one and the name originates from the brand ‘Print Club’. These booths are found all over Japan generally in amusement arcades and shopping centres and they are popular with teenagers, young women and couples alike. The booths provide around 30 minutes of fun entertainment for approximately ¥400 and best of all you get to take the memories home.

Tokyo July 2015 Day 5: Bakeries, deli counters, sushi, tempura and nightlife!

The plan was to pop over to Jiyugaoka for breakfast, which is an area known for its sweets and bakeries. Unfortunately for us hungry, early risers, most of these venues do not open until 11am. Breakfast for us was, therefore, a teriyaki burger from the Family Mart (no big surprises there) which was really tasty!