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Meguro Sky Garden

Where do you find a park when there’s no open space on the ground? On top of a building instead!

Just a 20 minute walk from Shibuya station is one of Tokyo’s more unique parks on top of the intersection of two expressways in Ohashi, Meguro, Tokyo.

Get your greed on for a set price – All-you-can-eat restaurants in Japan

Tabehodai – is the Japanese word which basically translates into ‘all you can eat’ and is a good one to learn. It is often accompanied by Nomihodai – ‘all you can drink’, which is an essential word to learn if you ask me!

All you can eat in Japan is in a completely different league to that found in the west. Whilst you can find the enormous buffets offering a variety of cuisines there are also specialty restaurants ranging from all you can eat natto to cookies and ice cream and, my personal favourites, those where you collect your food from a buffet and cook it at your table.

Jizo Dori - Tokyo

Sugamo (巣鴨) is a neighborhood in Toshima, predominantly a shopping district, selling market goods at very cheap prices for the older generations. I read somewhere that it's 'the Harajuku for elderly ladies'!

Nezu Shrine - Tokyo

Nezu Shrine (根津神社) is in the Bunkyo Ward, an area Tokyo that holds a lot of history with a somewhat nostalgic feel. It’s one of Tokyo’s oldest shrines and is certainly one of the most beautiful, located in a park surrounded by lots of greenery and ponds of koi carp and turtles.

A day trip – yes day trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima Island from Tokyo!

We had day trip had been planned in advance and it had taken quite a bit of organisation to ensure all of the transport connections left us with enough time to spend seeing everything we wanted to see and it was essential that we stuck to our itinerary. JAL (Japan Airlines Group) offer a discount domestic air fare for overseas visitors to Japan, the oneworld Yokoso/Visit Japan Fare.

Tokyo July 2015 Day 2: The Yamathon part 1!

Severely jet lagged having arriving in Japan the previous day we woke up incredibly early, much to our delight, as this was to be the day of the Yamathon. This is a walking/running route that visits every station on the JR Yamanote line, the challenge being to get a photo at each one. We had already decided that we would be going anti-clockwise and the plan was to make it to Ikebukuro for lunch.