Travel Tips: currency, cash, cards and ATMs in Japan

Japan is more often than not ahead of the game when it comes to technology (hello robot hotels!) so they’ve obviously got some fabulous technically advanced ways of paying for things, right? WRONG!

It may surprise you to learn that a very forward thinking and modern country like Japan is by other standards very old fashioned when it comes to money. Paying with cash is extremely prevalent and in many establishments cards are just not accepted!

Planning our first ever Japanese road trip!

We’re doing something different in 2017, we’re going on a road trip! Road trips have always been out of scope for us due to our lack of driving licenses but in September 2015 Tom got his and we haven’t looked back. So far our only experience of driving abroad is in Majorca but Japan is clearly the next logical step!

Isn't Tokyo really expensive though? The myth!

This, without a doubt, is my number one least favourite question/comment about Tokyo. Why you ask? Because it's a complete myth! Having had the privilege of travelling to many different countries and cities in the world I can honestly say that nearly everywhere, (with the exception of Scandinavia - because let's face it, that is expensive!) is what you make of it when it comes to your spending.

The ultimate selfie experience – Japanese photo booths (purikura machines)

Purikura プルクラ is a photo sticker booth or a product that has been generated by one and the name originates from the brand ‘Print Club’. These booths are found all over Japan generally in amusement arcades and shopping centres and they are popular with teenagers, young women and couples alike. The booths provide around 30 minutes of fun entertainment for approximately ¥400 and best of all you get to take the memories home.